6 Things Nice Guys Do Wrong

Those of us who have a nice guy in our lives may wonder how to stop being the nice guy. Being nice is nice, but being overly polite can be a bit much. Being too nice can make you look like a pushover and hurt your chances of landing that special someone. If you’re the type who is overly nice, the best way to stop being the nice guy is to take a hard look at yourself.

The best way to do this is to set a few boundaries in your personal life. Those boundaries can be as simple as refusing to participate in activities that don’t involve you. You’ll need to come up with a list of reasons that you won’t do things with other people. You might not be able to stop being a nice guy, but you can stop being the nice guy that keeps crossing your boundaries.

The best way to stop being the nice guy is by establishing some clear boundaries. You’ll be happier and you’ll be able to make your partner happier. Having boundaries will also allow you to take a look at your partner’s true intentions. The nice guy in your life probably has ulterior motives. If you’re not clear on your own, you might be surprised when a nice guy decides to go on a bender.

It’s no secret that a good number of guys will let other men verbally control them. While this may sound harmless, it can be a recipe for disaster. The best way to stop being the nice guy and to keep your sex life on track is to stand up for yourself and to refuse to be bullied. The biggest mistake nice guys make is to let others take the credit for the good time.

There are plenty of people who could benefit from some of the above mentioned suggestions. One way to go about doing this is to start a bucket list of things you would like to do. Whether you want to go on a hike, see the sights or take a trip to the amusement park, a bucket list can help you plan a better future. The biggest downside to this type of bucket list is that you might not have as much fun once the list is complete.

The aforementioned list of things to do is not the only list you should keep handy. You should also make a list of things you want to learn. Learning new things will help you grow and will boost your confidence in your abilities. You’ll also make new friends and have more fun with the people you already know. You might even learn a thing or two.

Lastly, you might want to look into getting some professional help. Using the services of a mental health expert could help you learn to appreciate yourself. There are plenty of books and online tutorials available on how to stop being the nice guy, but getting help from someone who understands your specific needs could be just what you need to move forward.

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