Promoting the Benefits of Waiting Until Marriage

Several states are working on a media campaign to educate the public about the benefits of waiting until marriage. This includes the Partners in Prevention program, which works to reduce out-of-wedlock births and abortion. The program uses public forums, media campaigns, and direct intervention. Using these tools, the program educates youth about waiting until marriage to conceive and helps them postpone sex.

Several other states are also promoting abstinence until marriage. This type of campaign involves a state level directive or directives, such as the Wisconsin bill, which requires instruction on human sexuality in public schools. It also requires that a person wait at least six months to marry.

Missouri’s Department of Health offers an abstinence only education program. In addition, the state’s high school curriculum teaches students about the value of marriage and the importance of abstaining from sexual activity outside of marriage. In addition, Wisconsin has proposed a bill to add marriage to the public school curriculum.

A few other states have also started media campaigns promoting the benefits of waiting until marriage. These campaigns are mainly focused on youth. For example, Massachusetts has a media campaign targeting youth between the ages of 9 and 14. This program promotes abstinence until marriage, the value of marriage, and the benefits of marriage to children. The campaign uses federal abstinence funds and media projects. The campaign has targeted six communities with high teen birth rates. The state awards money to these communities to create community-based organizations that help youth postpone sex until marriage.

The Students Today Aren’t Ready for Sex program in Oregon offers information and skills to help youth postpone sex until they marry. The program is funded by the TANF program and receives $1 million a year to help with the program’s mission. The program also includes a marriage promotion training program for community-based organizations.

Utah proclaimed Marriage Awareness Week on September 15, 1999. The state also proposed a bill that would distribute funds to community-based organizations to promote the benefits of marriage. However, the bill failed to pass. Another state, Louisiana, proclaimed National Marriage Day on February 14, 1999. The state also has a state-level directive, which is aimed at reducing the divorce rate.

Oklahoma’s Marriage-Building Skills campaign also uses a media campaign to highlight marriage-building skills. Unlike the other three states’ campaigns, Oklahoma’s campaign was created in part with federal abstinence funds and media projects. However, the campaign has failed to garner sufficient funding, and it hasn’t received the same media attention as the other three states’ campaigns.

Finally, Oklahoma has also attempted to reduce its divorce rate by one-third. This has been accomplished by reducing the time that couples spend cohabiting before they get married. Cohabitation increases the likelihood of having an extramarital affair. Moreover, couples who live together before marriage are more likely to shout and argue, which increases the risk of violence. A survey of newlyweds found that cohabiting couples are less happy in their marriages than married couples.

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The Benefits of Waiting Until Marriage

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