The Best British Romantic Comedies on Matchmaking Show Netflix

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Often associated with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, the British romantic comedy has a number of different incarnations. Usually, they involve straight characters in a quirky setting, although there are exceptions. Some are more serious, while others are more whimsical. They are usually about courtships, marriages, and romance between would-be couples. Often, they are set in idyllic countryside locations.

One of the most iconic British romantic comedies of the 2000s is Bridget Jones’ Diary. The plot is simple: Bridget Jones, an overweight publicity assistant, is looking for love. She has a crush on her boss Daniel, but he has no interest in her. She runs into him more often, but is still single. Eventually, she meets Mark Darcy, who is a successful writer. Despite their initial flirtation, they have a long road ahead of them.

Another of the most memorable British romcoms of recent years is Love Actually. It is about a jealous best man, but isn’t all about him. It also includes half a dozen ordinary Londoners and a thirteen-year-old girl at the airport. It’s also the highest-grossing British romcom of all time, grossing $363 million on a $42 million budget. And it’s a fun one to watch.

Another one is Bend It Like Beckham. This British romcom focuses on a young woman trying to pull off an aristocratic wedding. It’s also the best movie to come out in the last decade, mainly because it’s one of the first British films that explores lesbian relationships. It also features an impressive amount of laughs and a lot of heart.

Another British romcom worth watching is Shakespeare in Love. The play about the birth of Romeo and Juliet is also a great one to watch. In addition to its nifty title, the play features a number of other intertextual references. For instance, the character of Ned is able to make a Shakespearean reference in the play itself, but cannot think of a good title for the next one. And, although the movie doesn’t actually show the birth of Romeo and Juliet, it does include the aforementioned “moment” of the year.

The best British romcoms are also ones that leave a lasting impression. They can be entertaining and entertainingly unpredictable. A British romcom might not be the most popular genre, but it does offer some fresh takes on modern romance. The best ones might also be the ones that most people haven’t seen. Some of the best comedies can be found on Netflix. Several of them have been released on television as well. You can also check out the newest British romcoms.

The best British romcoms of the 21st century also have an interesting storyline, and they’re fun to watch. Some of the best comedies feature a bit of slapstick. Some also involve sexual content. But the best British romcoms are the ones that take the time to be original. They might not be as flashy as a blockbuster movie, but they’ll leave you with a grin.

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