What Salary Makes a Woman Attractive?

Using data gleaned from a sample of over 100 women of various ages, age range, and sex in question, the researchers were able to draw some interesting conclusions. The most important takeaway is that a plethora of women were exposed to the same data sets, and that they were not necessarily heterosexual. Women were more than willing to be honest about their sexual preferences, and were willing to engage in relationships ranging from marriage to one-night stands. The same was true of men, though a slightly higher proportion of men were willing to get intimate with a woman of their own genus. This could have a significant effect on the results.

The study measured participants’ financial status as well as their willingness to engage in sexual activity. The data set was compiled via online surveys and focus groups. Results are now being mined using a variety of statistical techniques, including a statistically significant sampling of women in committed relationships. The resulting study provides a more robust tally of how money affects women’s behavior, and provides a more realistic look at the nexus of money and love. The results show that men and women are more alike than their gender suggests, and that money isn’t the only consideration when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Moreover, the study also finds that women who are in a committed relationship are more likely to engage in sexual activity than men who are not. These findings provide a needed checkbox for researchers who are trying to figure out the best way to help men and women rekindle the romance. The study is the first of its kind in Australia, and the results will be incorporated into a wider study across other countries. The study also found that women were more likely to be interested in men who are more financially stable, and were more likely to engage in sexual activity if their partners are financially stable.

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